IMG_1993Current Releases – click the titles to be redirected

May 29, 2020 Trident Boulder With a Difference (Split collection with Nick Gregorio)
March 8, 2020 Barren Magazine Vixen
December, 2019 Toho Journal The Man Across The Hall From My Grandmother Sleeps In His Funeral Suit (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize)
July 18, 2019 Short Édition Middle of the Night Moon
July 18, 2019 Short Édition DNT PNIC
March 6, 2019 Pidgeonholes I Want To Call This Poem Hope
March 6, 2019 Pidgeonholes Lungs
September 22, 2018 The Head & The Hand Press Please Plant This Book (expanded chapbook edition)
March 20, 2018 The Head & The Hand Press Please Plant This Book (seed packet edition)
June, 2018 Hypertrophic Literary Curing
June, 2018 Hypertrophic Literary Melatonin Dreams & The Ending Of Winter
June, 2018 Hypertrophic Literary Poem For A Sick Child On The Fourth Of July
March, 2018 Bitterzoet Magazine July 4, 1995; or, The Monument Masons
January, 2018 Bitterzoet Magazine A Blossom In Spring
September, 2017 Hypertrophic Literary The Parts of Space We’ve Not Yet Seen
September, 2017 Hypertrophic Literary Out Past The Light of the Moon
September, 2017 Hypertrophic Literary Sartre In My Nursery
December, 2016 The Moth Stardust to Stardust; or, Ancestry
October, 2016 Frogpond July 27th
August, 2016 Hoot All Of What We Pass Along & All We Keep Inside
April, 2015 Unsolicited Press If & When We Wake (full collection)
December, 2014 Barrow Street Kept Out Of Reach
December, 2014 Barrow Street In Hibernation
September, 2014 Whiskey Island Seconds Before the Blast
July, 2014 The Stone Highway Review Beckoning; or, From a Mail Slot
July, 2014 The Fictioneer Amendment
July, 2014 The Fictioneer Hunter
July, 2014 The Fictioneer Gatherer
July, 2014 The Fictioneer On Second Chances
July, 2014 The Fictioneer Meditations on Vegetable Gardens
July, 2014 The Fictioneer Summer Hymn
July, 2014 Written River Kierkegaard’s Thunderstorm
July, 2014 Written River Reincarnation
July, 2014 Poetry Quarterly Hospice
March, 2014 2River View Spring Hymn
December, 2013 Crack the Spine All’s Well that Ends
December, 2013 Crack the Spine I Keep Talking to Passed Relatives When I’m Supposed to be Talking to God
October, 2013 The Shot Glass Journal Seared Spoons; or, A State Line
December, 2012 A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Cognitive Dissonance
November, 2012 Escarp In Filtered Sunlight



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