If & When We Wake

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 8.46.23 AM.pngThe debut collection of poetry by Francis Daulerio

Illustrations by Scott Hutchison

Available now!

Unsolicited Press (US orders only)


Barnes & Noble

“Beautiful thoughts from a quiet head” – Atlantic Records

“A gorgeous, thoughtful book” – Whiskey and Armchairs

“What happens when you pair a poet and a thriving singer-songwriter together? You get the marriage of intellect, artistry and a damn good book in your hands.

If & When We Wake is the product of winters and springs. It has been buried under snowpack, thawed, cultivated, scorched by the sun, and buried yet again. The result is a book of poetry and art that shines light on the desperation, helplessness, and loss that everyone feels, and tries to find the beauty of acceptance and growth. It examines the necessity of finding meaning in life after experiencing death.

This collection is an attempt to crack back through the ice and rip out a life that emits a light and a heat. It is the woods. It is the grass poking up between toes and tiny bits of soil underneath fingernails. It is alive, and it will sprout and grow.” – Unsolicited Press

If & When We Wake is the poetry of Francis Daulerio and the art of Scott Hutchison. It is currently available from the folks below.

Now with a brand new preface written by Daulerio, 5% of all sales will benefit the Tiny Changes charity organization.



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