Book Lover’s Companion Podcast – Francis in conversation with Edith & co. for the Book Lover’s Companion podcast Listen here.

Good People, Cool Things Podcast – Francis in conversation with Joey at the Good People, Cool things podcast. They talk collaboration, awkward gigs, and the music Francis listens to while writing. Listen here.

Textual Healing Podcast – Francis in conversation with Mallory Smart, author of The Only Living Girl In Chicago, for her podcast Textual Healing. They talk at length about reaching for joy in difficult circumstances. Listen here.

Book.Record.Beer. Podcast – Francis in conversation with the Book.Record.Beer. folks at Forest & Main Brewing in Ambler, PA. They talk Kafka, Typhoon’s album White Lighter, and sample F&M’s fantastic beer. Listen here.

Maudlin House – Francis and Nick Gregorio in conversation with Kevin Sterne about their new book, With a Difference. Read the interview here.

Zero Point Fiction Podcast – Francis and Nick Gregorio gave short readings from their co-written book, With a Difference. Listen here.

Under The Radar Magazine – Music critic Charles Steinberg discusses the release of All Is Not Lost, a new vinyl release from Francis Daulerio, Laurie Cameron, and Jeff Zeigler to benefit Tiny Changes. Read the review here.

SpinCycle for Radio Arlington – Francis in conversation with Lauree McArdle leading up to the Shouts Against the Darkness show in Washington DC. Listen to the conversation here.

Book.Record.Beer. Podcast – “A very special episode featuring incredible poet Fran Daulerio. The boys were invited to share in a celebration of the life of Scott Hutchison and to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention (donations went to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) at Fran’s “Shouts Against the Darkness” event in Philly this past Saturday 9/22/18. They discuss Fran’s book “Please Plant This Book” which features his poetry and illustrations from the late Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison. Scott passed away May 10th 2018 after a lifelong battle with mental illness. “Shouts Against the Darkness” is a poetic tribute to Scott, an artist who’s work we hope you’ll support or check out if you haven’t already. We also hope you’ll give his work with Fran a look as well.” Listen to the whole conversation here.

Grid Magazine – “Local poet Francis Daulerio’s final collaboration with Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison” – A interview with Francis and Scott about Please Plant This Book. Read the article here.

Garden Collage Magazine – “How Richard Brautigan’s Please Plant This Book Kickstarted a Revolution” – Taylor Morgan discusses the impact of Brautigan’s 1968 release and the new work being created in its wake.  Read the article here.

The Bridge – A performance/interview session with Scott and Grant Hutchison.  Watch the conversation about artistic evolution, If & When We Wake, and Richard Brautigan here.

Unsolicited Press – In the months leading up to the release of If & When We Wake, Scott and Francis had a sort of pen-pal conversation about writing, art, and music. Read the full conversation here.

Atlantic Records – Scott in conversation with Francis Daulerio on their collaborative book project If & When We Wake. Fran’s poems are softly written snippets of life, beautiful thoughts from a quiet head. Scott provided drawings in response to the writing over the course of the book’s 18 month gestation period. Audio-only available here.



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