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New Book Release!

Introducing a 50th Anniversary Reinterpretation of Richard Brautigan’s

Please Plant this Book

Preorders will begin on Richard’s birthday, January 30, 2018.

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Chinese Translation

Would you like a copy of If & When We Wake in Chinese?  Because now you can get a copy of If & When We Wake in Chinese.  Have at it!

The second edition of If & When We Wake is now available!

After three long years, If & When We Wake is now a real thing that you can hold in your hands.  It pairs quite well with a glass of neat whiskey or perhaps a heavy snowstorm.  US orders can be placed directly through the Unsolicited Press and Barnes & Noble.  International orders are available through the Frightened Rabbit Webstore.  The Kindle edition can be purchased through Amazon.

Hardcover copies are now available here.

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