Francis Daulerio was born in a small Pennsylvania suburb in 1986, and has led a fairly quiet life. A music fanatic, his decade of experience as a singer and songwriter brought him to poetry where he found himself captivated by the writings of Brautigan, Kerouac, and Niedecker.

After graduating from West Chester University with a degree in English and Secondary Education, Francis married his high school sweetheart and began teaching English in a Chester County high school. He later enrolled at Arcadia University where he received an MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry. Working under the instruction of poets Dorian Geisler and Genevieve Betts, Francis practiced the art of distillation and simplicity with the goal of creating small, heavily-layered poems that held powerful meaning in a few short breaths. His writing represents the desire to fall backwards into nature and focuses on tangible, real-world experiences, both beautiful and devastating, and how those experiences inform each aspect of life.

Francis currently teaches English and Creative Writing. He lives in the woods with his wife, daughter, son, dog, cat, and a small herd of deer. He spends any free time outside and is a sucker for a good single malt.

Social Life


Twitter: @FDwrites

Instagram: francis_daulerio

Facebook: Facebook.com/FrancisDaulerio

Goodreads: goodreads.com/Francis_Daulerio

All Is Not Lost-5159

Photo by Melbourne Flower Photography


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