francis daulerio



Courtesy of Grid Magazine – “Local poet Francis Daulerio’s final collaboration with Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison” – A interview with Francis and Scott about Please Plant This Book. Read the article here.

Courtesy of Garden Collage Magazine – “How Richard Brautigan’s Please Plant This Book Kickstarted a Revolution” – Taylor Morgan discusses the impact of Brautigan’s 1968 release and the new work being created in its wake.  Read the article here.

Courtesy of The Bridge – A performance/interview session with Scott and Grant Hutchison.  Watch the conversation about artistic evolution, If & When We Wake, and Richard Brautigan here.

Courtesy of – Katherine Coplen interviews Scott Hutchison  prior to the Frightened Rabbit show at The Vogue Theatre about Panting of a Panic Attack, If & When We Wake, and how to be a well-adjusted human. Read it here.

Courtesy of Unsolicited Press – In the months leading up to the release of If & When We Wake, Scott and Francis had a sort of pen-pal conversation about writing, art, and music. Read the full conversation here.

Courtesy of Atlantic Records – Scott in conversation with Francis Daulerio on their collaborative book project If & When We Wake. Fran’s poems are softly written snippets of life, beautiful thoughts from a quiet head. Scott provided drawings in response to the writing over the course of the book’s 18 month gestation period. Audio-only available here.

Minotaur’s Spotlight – Behind the Metaphorical Scenes with Fran Daulerio: What it’s like when your first book of poetry is accepted PART I  PART II